Faculty Support Hub

Welcome to the Faculty Support Hub

Carolina faculty have been at the heart of the response to COVID-19 at UNC-Chapel Hill: we are leading in coronavirus and related research, transforming teaching and learning, serving at the front lines of patient care, and leading our schools, departments, divisions and units through an unprecedented time. It has been a stressful and challenging time for our faculty, as well as for the entire campus community.

The Hub

This faculty hub was created through collaboration among the Center for Faculty Excellence, the Provost’s Office, the Office of Faculty Governance, and faculty and staff across campus to centralize resources and links for faculty well-being, racism and equity, career development, teaching and learning, and links to information related to COVID-19. The Hub will be a dynamic site that is updated and maintained by Faculty Governance , specifically by the Faculty Welfare Committee with input from the Committee on Community and Diversity.

Campus Synergies

The Faculty Support Hub began as the “CV19 Faculty Support Hub” and is designed to be synergistic with other resources on campus. The teaching parallel to this site is Keep Teaching. The Keep Learning or “CV19 Student Care Hub” was deactivated in anticipation of a residential fall 2021 semester.

For the most timely resources and links related to the University’s response to COVID-19 and campus-wide plans, visit the Carolina Together website, which includes information about community standards, testing, positivity rates and vaccination. The Well is another informative resource with updates and features on many topics relevant to faculty and to COVID-19. Last, but not least, the University’s Human Resources website houses a wealth of information on everything from professional development to wellness to COVID-19 resources that affect employment.

The Latest Information and Resources