Carolina has a long-standing tradition of shared governance, in which the faculty share responsibility for running the campus with the administration and the Board of Trustees. The Office of Faculty Governance is the organizing center for faculty involvement. Faculty governance at Carolina includes the Faculty Council, numerous committees to which members are either elected or appointed, and the officers of the faculty (Chair of the Faculty, Secretary of the Faculty, Faculty Marshal and Faculty Athletics Committee Representative). The Faculty Welfare Committee has been active in the creation of this Faculty Hub website.

Learn more about the Office of Faculty Governance on its website.

Some direct links:

  • Faculty Council – the legislative powers of the General Faculty are vested in this body
  • Committees – 23 standing committees of the faculty along with several advisory boards and ad hoc committees
  • The Faculty Code of University Government – the framework for faculty governance at Carolina
  • Faculty Handbook – an array of policies and resources for teaching, research and service, including a snapshot of Faculty Governance
  • Calendar – dates for award nominations, committee and council meetings, and other events sponsored by the Office of Faculty Governance